Rasaam; Mashhad News Media

Rasam Institute (English Rasam) with the well-known brand of Mashhad News and with the name of Mashhad Foruri news site, is the most popular virtual media in Mashhad, which covers the most important events in the political, economic, social, cultural, sports and other fields at the moment.

This news site is the platform for publishing Mashhad city news, which includes Mashhad channels in Telegram, Rubika, Soroush, Gap, iGap, ETA and Yes, and video platforms in Instagram and YouTube.

The managing director of this collection is “Meysam Rouhi”, the managing director of this news site is “Maryam Golparvar” and its editor is “Fatemeh Sahami” and the commercial director of this collection is Mehdi Kafshdar.

Managers and members of this group believe that more than publishing news, managers, officials and government organizations are responsible for reflecting the views and demands of the people.

In this company, all advertising affairs, including extensive advertising in cyberspace, content management, public relations management of organizations, environmental advertising, partnership with businesses and customer page growth are done.